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You need this book – A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories

A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories is a chronicle of dreamers, lost souls, and the downtrodden. GW Cook stakes his claim as a writer of edgy literary fiction with this debut collection. 

His deceptively simple prose portrays a broken world, where the banality of life and the intrusion of The Western Dream is the disease, and the merciless response of nature, is the cure.

The tragically failed characters that populate the pages of A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories are vividly infused with Cook’s signature blend of domestic tragedy and farce, dark existential themes, and a bitter sense of irony
Writing about the profundity and despair of urban existence, love, relationships, work, despair, life and death, Cook takes an unflinching look into the abyss of modern life. These stories deal with the big questions and explore the fault lines of our own morality, delving into what it is that makes us good or evil and, ultimately, human.

A Sanctuary of Sorts (Kindle single) is also included as the lead story in GW Cook’s A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories

When Larry Underwood’s life begins to unravel after his wife divorces him, he seeks solace outside the city. Larry attempts to come to terms with his new-found freedom and the existential quandary in which he now finds himself. Retreating to a small wooded section that he purchased, Larry finds a sanctuary of sorts in nature as he struggles with his predicament and the challenges that face him.

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A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories.
A Sanctuary of Sorts 


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