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New release - A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories by NZ author GW Cook

A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories is a chronicle of dreamers, lost souls, and the downtrodden. With nine bleak tales set in New Zealand suburbs, countryside, small towns and factories, GW Cook stakes his claim as a writer of edgy literary fiction with this debut collection. His deceptively simple prose portrays a broken world, where the banality of life and the intrusion of The Western Dream is the disease, and the merciless response of nature, is the cure.The tragically failed characters that populate the pages of A Sanctuary of Sorts & Other Stories are vividly infused with Cook’s signature blend of domestic tragedy and farce, dark existential themes, and a bitter sense of irony

Writing about the profundity and despair of urban existence, love, relationships, work, despair, life and death, Cook takes an unflinching look into the abyss of modern life. These stories deal with the big questions and explore the fault lines of our own morality, delving into what it is that make…
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Useful resources for Kiwis coping with COVID-19

COVID-19 has rapidly changed our world and how we live, work and play. If you’re feeling anxious, worried, or scared, you’re not alone. It’s normal to feel worried about things like your job, health, family, and what’s going to happen next.Taking action when you’re feeling emotionally and mentally stressed is important. You can get through these uncertain times and, if you need support, there are lots of helpful resources available.Get support if you need itIf you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed, ask for support as soon as possible. If you need help you can:contact a close friend or family member and ask for supportcontact a minister, spiritual leader or someone in your faith community who can helpuse an employee assistance program if your employer has one. These services usually offer counselling or can refer you to a mental health professionalcall your doctor or a mental health professional for advice and guidance. During COVID-19 the option of phone, video or online …

Immanuel Kant's Notion of Genius in Art

This article was written in 1999 and was part of a paper I was completing in Art Theory under the tutelage of Dr Denis Dutton. Having the good fortune to be a student of Dr Dutton's was a highlight of my academic studies and I am very proud to boast of an 'A' mark for this particular essay. I have updated it slightly and it will be part of a larger collection of academic articles I plan on publishing, concentrating on art, literature and philosophical theory. Denis Laurence Dutton (9 February 1944 – 28 December 2010) was a philosopher of art, web entrepreneur and media activist. He was a professor of philosophy at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was also a co-founder and co-editor of the websites Arts & Letters Daily, and

In an integral section of The Critique of Judgement[1] that deals with notions of art, Kant attempts to explain what constitutes a fine or beautiful wo…